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Wishing Well Nursery situated on Endyke Lane in Cottingham opened in September 2002, the building is purpose built and was designed for the sole purpose of caring for and furthering the development of young children; the nursery can accommodate 49 children at any one time. The vision of Wishing Well is to provide and sustain quality childcare. Our aim is to successfully diversify in order to offer an affordable and comprehensive childcare service, which will enable us to care for children between the ages of six weeks and five years old.

We offer a caring, warm, safe and stimulating environment for all children in our care

Our purpose is to offer a caring, warm, safe and stimulating environment and to provide quality learning and development experiences for all the children in our care; our key values focus on providing a top quality service for all of our service users. We have created and will strive to maintain a healthy and friendly atmosphere within the nursery and consider the security of the children of paramount importance.

We have safe and secure parking facilities for parents/carers to drop off and collect their children. Inside the building, there are CCTV cameras in each of the children’s rooms, and there is independent air-conditioning throughout the building.

Baby Room

We respect that every baby is an individual and therefore our aim is to follow his or her home routine as much as possible. We offer a caring, friendly atmosphere where you can feel at ease leaving your baby in capable hands. All staff are qualified and have experience of working with babies.

At a young age, we understand the many needs of a growing child, which is why the staff offer a variety of activities and opportunities to develop their senses and express their feelings, as well as a whole variety of age-related toys and equipment to help encourage growth in all areas of development. Prams are also provided to enable your baby to get lots of fresh air by going on short walks as well as having their own play space outside. In our baby room we have our own kitchen and nappy changing area, which enables us to make up bottles at your convenience, or, if you prefer, you can bring them in already made. Cooled, boiled water will be offered throughout the day and full-fat milk or water for the older children in the room.

The babies will be offered home-cooked food if their sessions include lunch. Your baby will have frequent nappy changes throughout the day; we ask you to provide your own nappies, creams and wipes to prevent cross-infection and avoid any allergies. We can reassure you that your baby will never be left unsupervised and you will be informed at the end of the session about your child’s day. To back this up, the nursery provides daily diaries to make sure that you receive all the information you might need and which you can take home to look through.

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Toddler Room

Toddlers As your child grows from a baby to a toddler, you will notice that they become more independent, very inquisitive and need much more space to explore. In the Toddler Room they are given this in a bright and stimulating environment. The emphasis in the Toddler Room is on learning through play. The room is set up with easy access to messy play, home corner, story area, mark-making area etc. The children also have access to educational toys, construction toys, jigsaws and games appropriate for their age group. All of the toys provided for them have been carefully chosen to give them the chance to play, learn and grown in a safe and secure environment.

At Wishing Well, we have a basic structure for each day, which will help your child feel secure and confident within a familiar routine, which is rich in opportunities. The nursery staff will plan a wide variety of activities, which can be adapted to individual children’s needs and stages of development.

Outdoor play is an important part of children’s learning and we make great use of our outdoor space. We have full waterproof suits and wellies so that children can gain from new experiences.

We aim to assist and encourage your child to reach his/her full potential, as all the staff in the Toddler Room are qualified and have experience with this age group.

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Pre-School Room

Our Pre-School Room is for children aged between 3 and 5 years, where we offer an excellent staff to child ratio of 1:7. Children over the age of 3 are entitled to free government-funded sessions; qualification for these sessions is based upon an individual’s date of birth, and funding at the nursery is provided by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

In the Pre-School Room the children build on the foundation laid in the toddler room, we aim to give the children choices to enable them to become independent decision-makers and responsible for their own actions. Whilst finding a fine balance, we also, through observation of children at play, carefully plan activities to suit the needs of each child, respecting each child’s stage of development and encouraging them to work at their own pace.

The staff plan the activities around a certain topic which links into the foundation stage curriculum and the Early Learning Goals, ensuring that over a period of 12 months every aspect of learning has been covered.

Each activity is adapted to meet children’s individual needs and abilities and closely evaluated to assess whether it has adequately covered the desired aspect of learning. All the activities are documented and are available for parents to see at their request.

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Children’s Meals

If your child attends the breakfast club a light breakfast of cereals and toast will be provided. We employ 2 qualified Cooks to prepare a two-course hot lunch and a fresh fruit snack is provided both morning and afternoon.

Our meals are planned over a four-week rota and are displayed in the nursery entrance. Water is available throughout the day.

We strive to achieve the balance of providing meals that children enjoy with nutritional value. Special diets can be arranged in cases of allergies, vegetarian or religious requirements.

Prepared bottles of milk need to be provided by the parent/carer until the baby is able to accept a blended nursery menu.

Nursery Fees

Wishing Well has its own fee structure with invoices being provided four weekly in advance. Please refer to the nursery brochure for full details.

Some employers run childcare voucher schemes where they give their employees a voucher to offset the cost of your nursery fees. Wishing Well is registered to accept childcare vouchers, however, you need to find out from your employer if this is a scheme that they offer employees.

The government provides funding for all three and four-year-old children who attend an early education setting. All children become eligible for this funding at the start of the term after their third birthday.

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